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Let Archangel Raphael take your family on an adventure-filled journey to the very source of Christianity!

‘The Road to Bethlehem’ is set in biblical times and designed for the entire family. It centres on the Book of Adventures, where each scenario is a separate, fully fledged adventure, with the action taking place across eight thrilling environments including deserts, mountains and great cities. The game begins with Archangel Raphael transporting the players back two thousand years, to the time when Christ was born. This is how the journey begins, but where will it end? How it unfolds and where ‘The Road…’ leads depends on you – or, more precisely, your choices and performance throughout the game. ‘The Road to Bethlehem’ skilfully weaves biblical themes into the gripping action; is rooted in and enriched by Christian culture and is great fun for players of all ages.

You play by following scenarios from The Book of Adventures, traveling through time and space to meet the Holy Family. Along the road you meet various characters from 2000 years ago - Roman soldiers, Phoenician merchants, fishermen from Bethsaida and many others, some you will recognise from the Bible. The challenges you encounter are real and you will use your wit, spirit, agility and dexterity to overcome them. Subsequently, you will discover your talents and use your real abilities - there will be moments of glory for players of all ages.

All generations of your family and friends will unite into one team. The only way to go forth is to work together.

The time spent on the Road will strengthen bonds and deepen relations within your family. It will help you re-discover the beauty of our Faith.

‘The Road to Bethlehem’ is a ‘REAL Playing Game’. It is the first game to use the innovative gameplay engine – REAL Challenges System. Easy & simple even if you are not experienced with scenario games. With this game everyone can become a Game Master and lead family & friends on the journey after… 5-10 minutes! Just use Quick Start in Manual and let the journey begin!

What will you find in the box?

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Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ

I have traveled the road to Bethlehem over a hundred times over the years, and always felt excitement as I approached the town where Jesus Christ was born. With this game families can journey closer to Jesus Christ and to each other as they leave the noise of our world and engage each other in conversations that matter for their faith, their love of God and each other, and for their family’s  hope of reaching the ultimate goal of Christ together.

Kazimierz Cardinal Nycz, Archbishop of Warsaw

I learned about ”The Road to Bethlehem” with much interest. It contributes to the project of creating modern and effective tools for New Evangelisation.
Christian values and gripping biblical elements woven into the game, as well as its innovative form make it a great and emotionally-charged passtime for the entire family. It helps to build relationships among people who play it.
The zeal, enthusiasm and the mission guiding the game creators make this a project worth appreciation and help. I fully endorse this project and encourage others to support it.

Parents' reviews

Amanda & Justin, parents

The Road to Bethlehem is a refreshingly fun game involving storytelling, team challenges and trivia. You can play for hours without noticing the passage of time. You can play for hours without rnoticing the passage of time. The various storylines tying the whole game together offer a fascinating and enchanting perspective on the setting that leads to the well-known story of the Nativity of Christ.  Continue reading “Amanda & Justin, parents”


EXCELLENT!!! The whole family played together – it took us several hours… But the emotions, discussions, laughter ;))) We reached the goal! 😉

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Lots of fun during the challenges (herding sheep, tasting spices, etc.) The game lasted several hours and nobody had to check their messages on Facebook.

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We attend “At home with Jim&Joy” on EWTN!

You have to watch it! This Thursday the author of our game – Jacek Malkowski, together with Iwo Bender will be live on EWTN during “At home with Jim and Joy” program.
Don’t worry if Thursday is a bad time for you! You can see it later too! It will be run at:
Thursday, October 12 at  2:00 pm (EST) 8:00 pm (GMT+1)

Saturday, October 14 at 1:30 am (EST) (7:30am GMT+1) (10:30pm PT Friday)

Sunday, October 15 at 10:30 am (EST) (4:30pm GMT+1) (7:30am PT)

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