About the game

Let Archangel Raphael take your family on an adventure-filled journey to the very source of Christianity!

‘The Road to Bethlehem’ is set in biblical times and designed for the entire family. It centres on the Book of Adventures, where each scenario is a separate, fully fledged adventure, with the action taking place across eight thrilling environments including deserts, mountains and great cities. The game begins with Archangel Raphael transporting the players back two thousand years, to the time when Christ was born. This is how the journey begins, but where will it end? How it unfolds and where ‘The Road…’ leads depends on you – or, more precisely, your choices and performance throughout the game. ‘The Road to Bethlehem’ skilfully weaves biblical themes into the gripping action; is rooted in and enriched by Christian culture and is great fun for players of all ages.

You play by following scenarios from The Book of Adventures, traveling through time and space to meet the Holy Family. Along the road you meet various characters from 2000 years ago – Roman soldiers, Phoenician merchants, fishermen from Bethsaida and many others, some you will recognise from the Bible.
The challenges you encounter are real and you will use your wit, spirit, agility and dexterity to overcome them. Subsequently, you will discover your talents and use your real abilities – there will be moments of glory for players of all ages.

All generations of your family and friends will unite into one team. The only way to go forth is to work together.

The time spent on the Road will strengthen bonds and deepen relations within your family. It will help you re-discover the beauty of our Faith.

‘The Road to Bethlehem’ is a ‘REAL Playing Game’. It is the first game to use the innovative gameplay engine – REAL Challenges System. Easy & simple even if you are not experienced with scenario games. With this game everyone can become a Game Master and lead family & friends on the journey after… 5-10 minutes! Just use Quick Start in Manual and let the journey begin!

What will you find in the box?

Why we created this game?

Simply speaking – to help our family detach from mobile phones, tablets, pc’s and other cool stuff that erodes relations and makes zombies out of people. To help us meet again with each other. To reconnect all the generations of the family in a fascinating and meaningful way.

From the very beginning it was clear to me that this could be accomplished only if the ‘solution’ will be really – and I mean REALLY – immersing for everyone.

At first I was looking for something like this – to no avail. Then I realized that I have all the means to design it myself because of my experience which I call: 3 x 15. 15 years of being a father, 15 years of being a business trainer and 15 years of being a Game Master in Role Playing Games.

For the last 15 years, I always started professional workshops by saying: ‘Now, prepare yourselves, as I will lead you on an fascinating adventure! Let the journey begin!’ At first, participants always looked at me with disbelief (and caution, sometimes), but after a few hours… Well – I just delivered, what I promised – challenges, emotions and… a wide array of personal experience and relations. I employed all my experience of being an RPG Game Master and creativity do so. Their blushing cheeks, radiant eyes and engagement were a real payoff for me – just like during RPG’s sessions. Seeing how beautifully it works in a professional milieu I’ve asked myself: How to get it to work for the good of my own family? With all these emotions, engagement and joy?

In 2014, I have started designing an innovative gameplay engine. Alone at first, but that changed quickly. The first version of the game was accomplished by the effort of three people, who were insane/inspired enough to affect next… 60 people! Players, teachers, parents, testers, illustrators… even priests and lawyers, all working together for an idea to become a reality. And, against all odds – we did it!

One more thing happened at the very beginning of this work. Though I am not really a ‘mystic’, I need to give a true testimony of some events that took place during this project.

First event. During the first working meeting, me and my friend suddenly and unexpectedly said the same phrase, with exactly the same words in exactly the same time, to each other. It was a flash of inspiration about the theme for this first game – a journey in search of the Manger.

Second event. When I realised what it would cost to prepare graphic design for the game I started to ask the Holy Spirit for help, as it seemed hopeless. I was quite persistent with asking for sufficient funds (that was my simple thinking). One day, I was walking to pick up my kids from school with my head full of uneasy thoughts about the project. Unexpectedly I felt that something strange is about to happen. I didn’t know what exactly, but this – quite uncomfortable – feeling grew with every step. I saw a man standing by the entrance to the building. At this very moment, the inside feeling focused and became a strong conviction that I need to tell that man about the project and the graphic design problem. I am an open minded person and I develop relations with ease, though… I am not accustomed to stand up in front of complete stranger and tell him about my own problems. That feeling became so strong that when I was next to this guy I was so frustrated inside that I just stopped and started to stare at him. This was so awkward…

I didn’t feel FORCED to do anything. I just felt that this SHOULD be done to help the project. I decided to bury my ego and I started talking. The guy looked very surprised (and a little bit cautious), yet he was kind enough to listen to me. He interrupted my speech just once to ask me who I am – He kindly withstood my quite emotional speech and told me that he needs to pick up his kids right now, but he will contact me soon. Yeah, sure… Nevertheless I thanked him with a feeling that he wanted to get rid of me, politely.

To my astonishment he called me the same evening and gave a phone number to some guy saying that I should contact him. So I did, and we met the next day. After 15 minutes he asked me to stop – that went well… – and told me that his company will prepare illustrations for the game. I didn’t understand him at first and started to ask if he offers to prepare some of the graphics for a lowered cost or what? But he stated again that he will assemble a team of graphics and they will prepare the full graphic design for the game for… free! Couldn’t believe this at first, but the next week a team was created and work has started. 20 illustrators worked for about 5 months to create what you can now see. Praise the Lord!

Only later I have learnt that sense of humor is a hallmark of Archangel Raphael. There are many other strange stories to be told, someday. This was just one of them. Some may call it just a coincidence but I strongly believe, that the project is under special guidance. The Archangel Raphael! He is the patron of travel and healing – including relationship healing.

Well, that’s what the game is all about! I don’t believe in chance – I believe that everything is just a part of God’s plan. And I love when a plan comes together – to quote Colonel John ‘Hannibal’ Smith. 🙂

Jacek Malkowski, creator of ‘The Road to Bethlehem’.