Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ

I have traveled the road to Bethlehem over a hundred times over the years, and always felt excitement as I approached the town where Jesus Christ was born. With this game families can journey closer to Jesus Christ and to each other as they leave the noise of our world and engage each other in conversations that matter for their faith, their love of God and each other, and for their family’s  hope of reaching the ultimate goal of Christ together.

Kazimierz Cardinal Nycz, Archbishop of Warsaw

I learned about ”The Road to Bethlehem” with much interest. It contributes to the project of creating modern and effective tools for New Evangelisation.
Christian values and gripping biblical elements woven into the game, as well as its innovative form make it a great and emotionally-charged passtime for the entire family. It helps to build relationships among people who play it.
The zeal, enthusiasm and the mission guiding the game creators make this a project worth appreciation and help. I fully endorse this project and encourage others to support it.