Some say that The Road to Bethlehem is much more than just a game. Thanks to its gripping narratives, emotional decision making and real challenges the play becomes so real that it transforms into a thrilling, personal and mutual experience.

No more dice, no more chance factor, no more virtual abilities. In this game it will be completely up to you to conquer challenges of The Road… or succumb to them! Events from the game become tangible. It is your decisions that point you in the direction, but your real skills and efforts will determine the fate of your quest. All achievements will be really yours along with all the splendor you deserve.




The Road… is the first game to use the innovative gameplay engine – REAL Challenges System. You will literally touch the adventure.

  • You will experience real challenges and real emotions.
  • Is completely immersing – body, mind and spirit.
  • You do not play as an imaginary character, you play as you, in a way you never played before.

REAL Challenges System allows the Game Master to transform events happening in the game world into real activities to be performed in the real world. Measurable outcome of challenges (Results) determines the course of the game through in-game Effects.

There are Team challenges and Personal challenges (to be faced by individual players). Each challenge has its own Category and Type. There are three Categories of challenge: Mind, Body and Spirit.

It means that during this game all of your five senses will be employed. You may feel joy, exhaustion, relief, anger, you may actually sweat and feel the satisfaction from conquering fear. And all this without even leaving the room!


On the Road from 5:30 PM till 1:30 AM 🙂 The game rocks! Damian, parent of 4, boyscouts troop leader, gamer