Each scenario features three types of actions: Narratives, Team Decisions, Challenges. Most of them are directly connected with specific knowledge, skills, talents and values. Some of them involve intriguing moral dilemmas.

REAL Challenges system is based on real participation, in performing real spiritual, intellectual and physical challenges. Such challenges allow a Game Master to transform events happening in the game into real activities to be performed in the real world.


The game begins with all the players sitting around a table. One of them (preferably an adult) becomes the Game Master and leads everyone on a journey through the adventures described in the Book of Adventures.

The journey starts with an encounter with Raphael the Archangel, who opens the Gates of TAU – a portal through time and space, so the team can set out to meet the Holy Family. The Archangel asks one of his signature questions (an opportunity for first benefits) and distributes equipment tokens.

One of the players draws the first adventure (Encounter Card) The Game Master reads the narrative and presents the team with a number of options on how to proceed (from the Book of Adventures). Players vote with their Decision Cards to select the option and a joint team decision is made (sounds easy, but sometimes this can be quite an emotional process).

Whichever option to proceed is chosen, various real challenges await the players. They test their dexterity, endurance, agility, perceptivity, knowledge, courage and teamwork. The game develops depending on the Results of these challenges. They can lead to further forks in the road, new challenges, availability of new options, different reactions of the characters the team encounters on the journey and, ultimately they affect the outcome of the game.

Throughout the game players develop their own attributes – Authority and Reputation. Depending on the decisions made and results of challenges the indicators can go up or down. They influence both how the adventures develop and the Epilogues of the journey.

The combination of various potential options and choices on the road, challenges and their varying results makes The Road to Bethlehem a different game each time you play it.

Depending on how your game progressed your meeting with the Holy Family will be different. If, of course, you manage to find the humble little Manger in time and space. It might turn out not to be all that easy…


Lots of fun during the challenges (herding sheep, tasting spices, etc.) The game lasted several hours and nobody had to check their messages on Facebook. J.S., parent of 3