The Road to Bethlehem is set in biblical times. It centres on the Book of Adventures, where each scenario is a separate, fully fledged story, with the action taking place across eight thrilling environments including deserts, mountains and great cities.

You will enter the ancient world with its mysteries and quests together with the people you love, trust and rely on. You will meet characters from the distant past, face their tricks, cunning or… kindness. This time your journey will turn into an emotional experience of imagination and reality woven together.

The game begins with a miraculous figure transporting the party of TAU Travelers back two thousand years, to the time when Christ was born. This is how the journey begins, but where will it end? How your journey unfolds and where The Road… leads depends on you – or, more precisely, your choices and performance throughout the game.


The Road to Bethlehem skilfully weaves biblical themes into the gripping action; is rooted in and enriched by Christian culture while delivering fun for players of all ages. The mission of this remarkable tool is to allow players to experience fun and emotions so real that their relationships will be strengthened. Finally, to let them rediscover the beauty and wisdom of our faith and reconnect with The Holy Family and the saints.

The game is designed for integral education purposes, also. It develops values, talents, skills and knowledge – all at the same time.

The Road to Bethlehem is fully collaborative. No rivalry except for challenging yourself and overcoming the challenges of The Road…



REAL Playing Game originates from Role Playing Games but features the powers of several other genres. The engine of the game is hybrid and modular (for easy and various expansions). Some elements may seem familiar, but all of them are creatively altered and blended together into a completely new way of playing. The synergy effect makes a BIG difference, therefore:

  • playing it means real participation thus performing real spiritual, intellectual and physical challenges; does not require game pieces or made-up heroes;

  • chance factor is minimized – real personal and/or team efforts decide an outcome;

  • becoming a Game Master in our game is amazingly easy – the only requirement is… knowing how to read! You just go with the flow, and follow the Steps in a Book of Adventures. No more thick Game Master Manuals;

  • offers many hours of entertainment to everybody – regardless of age;

  • may be easily put on hold and resumed.


A super cool game! Very similar to RPG games based on competition, but the difference is that this one is based on collaboration. Adam, 17, gamer

EXCELLENT!!! The whole family played together – it took us several hours… But the emotions, discussions, laughter ;))) We reached the goal! 🙂 Anna, parent of 4

During the gameplay at our school, the children were very interested and engaged. They made decisions together and were happy to perform the tasks. Through fun – which is what kids like the most – you can perfect social skills and deepen the Faith. Martha, PE teacher